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Wildlife In Neighborhoods

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Wildlife In Neighborhoods (or WIN) was developed in 2005 in direct response to increasing public contact with, and demand for information about wildlife in urban communities.


This program successfully reduces conflict between people, pets and wildlife by providing accessible, useful and consistent information about coyotes and how we can co-exist with our wildlife neighbors.

PebbleCreek, Arizona Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Project Coyote have endorsed the WIN Program.
For Information on California Wildlife Watch Program click here. 

WILDLIFE DISPLAYING AGGRESSIVE SHOULD BE REPORTED TO YOUR LOCAL California Department Fish and Wildlife office at 209.234.3420
(The founder now resides in California).

Call Fish and Wildlife if severe property damage has occurred or if there is possession of a live coyote. 


Fish and Wildlife is the government agency responsible for wildlife throughout your City and its conservation officers will provide a direct response to dangerous wildlife complaints.

NOTE: Some information provided has been used with permission of the Stanley Park Ecology Society, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Linda Bolon - Founder, Wildlife in Neighborhoods


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